Binchmark Project Development Services
Award-Winning Projects


• Marketing Analysis
• Concept & Strategic Planning
• Service Monitization
• Media Utilization
• Operations Reviews
• Sales Planning
• Partnerships
• TV Show Development

• Corporate Identity
• Internal Communications
• Social Engagement

Tartgeted Events
Social Campaigns
Sponsorship Development
Public Relations Consulting

A Binchmark Owned & Operated Development

Greater24 Network is a leading media and information provider on social developments. Greater24 Network fuses broadcast media, social engagement campaigns, and publishing to impact communities locally and abroad. ​
A Binchmark Owned & Operated Development

PR Flight offers targeted business presentation services and development services for businesses and organizations to help increase their customer engagement and support ongoing sales efforts.
A Binchmark Owned & Operated Development

GoResearch.Me is a third party member-based research platform for public figures, industry professionals, and indivduals. We help our members take charge of how important information about them meets the world. 
Services Provided:
TV Broadcasting, social projects, advertising, and news distribution.

Services Provided:
Presentation development and strategic planning services.

Services Provided:
Professional indentity research and development services.